Balcony TV Appearance

Calling all Watanabes’ fans! Great news. We performed for Balcony TV and we’ve been featured on their official homepage. Bad news. We are currently in 11,746th place, and severely lagging behind the likes of Ed Sheeran and Mumford and Sons. We desperately need your help! Do us a big favour and click us into the Top 10. Or at least… the Top 10 thousand! ;) 助けてください!このビデオを見てくれるとす~ごく感謝しますよ。よろしくお願いします。

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Metro-Ongen Presents: Jamming10 (11月23日)

Metro Ongen Presents Can’t wait to share the stage with our talented friends Metro-Ongen and Kate Sikora this coming Sunday night at Cafe&Bar U-ha in Koenji. Despite our contrasting sounds, we all work with the same producer, David Naughton, who likes to think of us as “musical brothers and sisters!” We couldn’t agree more with our indie father! It’s gonna be a fun night. Hope to see you there.

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PechaKucha 20×20 – The Triumphs and Tribulations of a Tokyo Indie Rock Band

Have you heard of PechaKucha? It’s a simple presentation format: You take 20 images and talk about each one for 20 seconds. After almost 10 years of musical adventures in Japan, we decided to give it a shot ourselves, and were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to present at the home of PechaKucha, Tokyo! Recorded live in front of a lively crowd at SuperDeluxe, we bring you “The Triumphs, Trials and Tribulations of a Tokyo Indie Rock Band. Enjoy!

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The Watanabes @ Naka-Meguro

A Sunday afternoon in Naka-Meguro with talented analog photographer Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko


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CNN: Taste of Japan: Featuring The Watanabes


Like Japanese food? Fan of the Tokyo music scene? Then you’re gonna love this! CNN International have put together a mouth watering TV program about Japanese food featuring three of our own tunes: Make Things Better, 28 Years and There’s Something Wrong. Better yet, they’ve also included music from our good friends Metro-OngenmothercoatJimmy Binks and the Shakehorns and icon girl pistols. Now that’s what we call a soundtrack! 

The show will be aired world wide on CNN International from today, and at 18:30 tonight in Tokyo. If you’re outside Japan, see the link below for viewing times. If you miss it the first time, don’t worry, it will also be show on Saturday 11th October and Sunday 12th and be available online from this page!

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