Live Acoustic Set on InterFm

We played a live acoustic set on InterFm yesterday as part of their special 24 hour live radio show. Matt brought his toy piano along and we belted out Rooftops and Make Things Better. Bumping into the very talented Rie Fu was a pleasant surprise, and many thanks to Guy Perryman and Maddie for making us feel so welcome.  We had a blast!

The Watanabes on InterFm

The Watanabes on Inter Fm

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BBC Voices: Norfolk On Film Interview

BBC Voices

Many thanks to BBC Voices for featuring us on their Norfolk on Film website. (The Walsh brothers are proud Norfolkians!) We discuss our upcoming video collaboration with Playground of Hope and recall our own personal experiences of March 11th.

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The Watanabes Live on InterFm(20日4月)


If you happen to be doing your washing this Sunday afternoon, be sure to tune into 76.1 InterFM at around 15:30. We’ll be playing two live tracks as part of a 24 hour live radio show featuring some very well known artists such as Jason Mraz, Mogwai, Jamie CullumLove Psychedelico, Tahiti80 and many more. It’s gonna be ace! 今週日曜日にInterFmでニ曲のライブをしますので、洗濯をしながら、15:40分から絶対聞いて下さいね!

24hourLive InterFM Watanabes

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British Beat on InterFM: (六本木) 6日4月(日)

Enjoy craft beer? Enjoy British music? Course you do! We’ll be chatting to InterFM DJ Guy Perryman at his British Beat event this Sunday night, selecting our top British tunes whilst enjoying an ale or two with our mates Practical Lovers, who’ll be swinging by too! It’s being held at a brand new, beautiful craft beer pub in Roppongi, called Brew Dog. There’s no charge, so just pop on down for a beer, some banter and some top tunes. クラフトビール好き?イギリスの音楽好き?好きでしょう!じゃ、遊びに来たほうが良いよ。ノーチャージだから気軽に来て〜

British Beat

Chatting with Guy Perryman and Practical Lovers. You can hear our interview on InterFM this Sunday from 3pm.

The Watanabes and Practical Lovers with Guy Perryman

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Playground of Hope – Fukushima Trip

What a weekend! We took a trip to Fukushima, built a playground, painted a mural, and put on a show for the local children. Our first ever live performance of Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes went down a storm. Matt always did want to play that one. Huge thanks to Playground of Hope for letting us join their team, and allowing us to film their charity work as part of our new music video. すごく楽しくて、忘れられない週末になった。本当にお疲れさまでした〜 (Photo by Kiko Shannon)

The Watanabes in Fukushima

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