Spoiled & Nostalgic: Release Week!

It’s Tuesday 22nd November 2016 and you know what, I think this just might be the biggest week in the history of The Watanabes! It’s gonnnnnnna be greeeeat! The action started on Sunday when legendary DJ Jim Gellatly gave us a spin on his Amazing Radio show back home in the UK. Jim is widely recognized as the voice of new music in Scotland, and has received the John Peel Award for Outstanding Contribution to Music Radio, so we’re very excited to know that we have reached his ears for the second time with Over Romantic: He’s also a fan of acoustic number Whales Can Sing.

That wasn’t only the radio action we had back home yesterday though. BBC Radio Norfolk gave our new track An Insult to the Present it’s very first spin, and we can’t think of anyone we would rather have introduce it than the lovely Sophie Little (also of Radio One!) You can listen to the show on the BBC iPlayer for the next 29 days, but if  you haven’t got time to listen to all of the other interesting artists, we’re on from the 53 minute mark.

Believe it or not, but our radio adventures don’t end there. DJ Mike Rogers has been incredibly generous, spinning Over Romantic almost every day for the last 4 weeks on his Crimson FM Rakuten Power Morning Show. It’s an awesome show full of energizing music and good cheer, and you can stream it direct from your phone, so it makes for a great start to the day on my morning commute. Highly recommended!

This coming Sunday, InterFM have invited us in to the studio for a chat with our good friend Guy Perryman on his London Hit Radio Show. We will then be making a mad dash for a cab, and racing back to Roppongi for The ShoeString Sessions at craft beer bar BrewDog, which kicks off at 4:30pm. We’ll be playing an acoustic set from about 6:50 with Ayumi on double bass. It’s gonna be such a great end to the weekend, especially with so many of our talented friends performing too: Robert Taira Wilson, Andrew Sloman, The Mootekkis, Jonny Barefoot, and Icon Girl Pistols. We absolutely love everything about BrewDog: the great food, the beautiful beer, and the friendly, smoke free atmosphere. We’d love you to join us!

The Shoestring Sessions (2016)

Of course, that isn’t the only big gig we’re playing this week. On Friday night we’ll be celebrating big time! We’ve got our Spoiled and Nostalgic Release Party in conjunction with This & That Cafe, at one of the most exciting and artistic venues in Tokyo: SuperDeluxe. Californian singer-songwriter Kate Beck will be getting things off to a great start, chilling us out from around 8pm, followed by Tokyo’s very finest country band Jimmy Binks & The Shakehorns, who have also just released an amazing new record themselves at major record stores across the country. (Check out this glowing review in Metropolis.) We’ll be playing a 35 minute set as a full band, giving all of our new tracks a run out, and then art pop rockers Entrada will be bringing the evening to a very fitting and upbeat climax. It’s gonna be a truly awesome night – TimeOut Tokyo and Tokyo Cheapo think so too! 😉


We have two other shows this week though. On Wednesday we’re back at our spiritual home What The Dickens! in Ebisu for a good old fashioned acoustic sing song, covers and originals. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to limber up for our big weekend. Wednesday is a national holiday here in Japan, so we’re hoping people will be feeling refreshed and in the party mood. If you are too, why not join us for an acoustic sing song!

The other show is also a very special one for us. On Saturday night we’ll be performing a stripped down acoustic set at an international photography exhibition for two of our favourite local photographers, Jiye Kim and Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko, both of whom we’ve done band shoots with. They are very talented photographers with an interesting and unusual perspective on the world, and they’ll be displaying their work alongside Venelina Preininger at Gallery Niépce in Shinjuku, near Yotsuya Sanchome station. We’ve never played an exhibition before, so we’re excited to be playing in a very different atmosphere from usual. For more details about the event, entitled Inhabitants, check out the event page in TimeOut Tokyo.

I feel a bit out of breath after writing about all that. It’s gonna be a top, top week for us and we very much hope to cross paths with you at some point! Before I forget though, Spoiled and Nostalgic will be officially available to download or stream online from iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, BandCamp and the majority of online music stores from Friday 25th November. Finally, we’d like to wish everyone well in Fukushima after yet another big earthquake. That’s the second time Tohoku has suffered just a few days before a new Watanabes’ release… Perhaps we should make this our last! 😉 Best wishes everyone and I hope you have as much fun this week as we will.

Spoiled and Nostalgic (2016)