nabes v ongen

Those hot and sultry summer nights are upon us, and where better to quench your thirst than that wonderful watering hole, What the Dickens in Ebisu. The finest British grub, cool drinks, hot tunes and new friends await you. The Watanabes will get the party started at 8:45 with two sets of originals and covers, before introducing you to our musical comrades, the mesmerizing and melodious Metro-Ongen. Despite their Japanese lyrics, M-O work with Glaswegian music producer David Naughton, and their British pop sound should fit in perfectly! It’s not very often that you get to watch a band that have graced the stage at Summer Sonic for free, but there’s a first time for everything. We guarantee that these masterful melody-makers will blow you away! Hope you can join us. 皆さん、7月の11日に恵比寿のディッキンズでワタナベズのライブをする予定になりましたので、暇だったら是非来てください。大好きなメトロオンゲンも演奏してくれて、すごく楽しみにしています。メトロオンゲンはサマーソニックでやったことがありますが、この日にただでMOのライブを見られますよ!どうですか?軽に家族と友達と恋人を誘って、いっぱい飲んだり、いっぱい食べたりして、遅くまで遊ぼう! The Watanabes (8:45 ~)

Metro-Ongen (10:40 ~)

What The Dickens (恵比寿)

会場 Open: 20:00 開演 Start: 20:45 料金 Entrance: FREE 無料