Spoiled & Nostalgic Hitting The Shelves!

We are very excited to announce that we have teamed up with Japanese indie record label Kira Kira Records and their sister site Music Plus, and we will be releasing a full album at major record stores across Japan this coming November. Friday 17th November to be exact! The album is a combination of two EPs; Spoiled & Nostalgic, and Draw What You Like, both of which we have already released independently online. Sadly, if you’re reading this blog before the release,, you’ve probably heard this collection of songs before, but it’s exciting for us to be joining forces with a label that has many successful bands on its roster, and we hope that this official release will help us to reach new listeners.

To celebrate the release, we will be organizing a small release party at Shibuya Ruby Room on the Friday 17th November, and we have also decided to make a new PV for one of the livelier tracks on the record; There’s Something Wrong. We’ll be working alongside Australian cinematographer Matt De Sousa. Matt has produced a lot of great music videos in the past, and we are excited to be collaborating with him.